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Why do 50% of pregnant mothers lapse from their iron supplements treatment?

During pregnancy, there is an increased need for iron as blood volume increases by 40-50%. During the second and third trimesters, dietary iron requirements can increase to as much as 30mg per day. High dose oral iron is the most recommended form of iron for pregnant women, however 8/10 suffer from the side effects of oral iron. This leads to up to 50% stopping treatment and experiencing treatment failure as a result.

Iron deficiency is a serious issue in pregnancy
The risks to mother and baby can be severe
Diet alone is not likely to correct deficiency during pregnancy
Iron supplements are an essential intervention for pregnant mothers

So why is the lapse rate so high and what can be done to improve it?

In this presentation, Avril Flynn and Marie Louise discuss the scale of treatment failure in women with a history of intolerance to oral iron and, early intervention via supplementation, and following the results of a new clinical study, the impact the Active Iron mode of action has on gut irritation, adherence to oral iron and the resulting efficacy.

Watch this Maternity Spotlight video with new studies data supported by Active Iron.

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