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What do you know about the risks of drinking while pregnant?

Is it OK to have ‘Just the one’ while pregnant?

There are often mixed messages about whether it’s OK to drink alcohol while pregnant. But is it safe to have ‘Just the one’?

Current UK guidance from the Chief Medical officers remains that, as there are no known safe levels of drinking during pregnancy, pregnant women should be advised to avoid it altogether.

It is recognized though that pregnancy can feel overwhelming at times, and it can be tempting to have ‘Just the one’ drink when feeling stressed. To help with this, the charity
Parents 1st UK are working with OnePlusOne, a charity specialising in relationship skills, to raise awareness of the risks of drinking while pregnant and to promote a free online course to help pregnant women and their partners avoid alcohol during pregnancy. The course also offers some useful tips about how to manage stress without feeling the need to ‘take the edge off’ with a drink.

“We are encouraging pregnant women and their partners to sign up to the course by reaching out to the amazing network of perinatal peer support initiatives across the UK. Peer supporters and the professionals they are in contact with, are in an ideal position to cascade awareness about this useful and informative, free course.

We invite you to join in the conversation on our website about this important topic of drinking alcohol during pregnancy and to find out more about how peer support can help support expectant parents through pregnancy, birth and beyond. It’s all about giving babies the best possible start in life.”
Celia Suppiah, CEO Parents 1st UK

On the course, mums and their partners will learn how to cope with stress, how to be supportive to one another during pregnancy and how to communicate better to avoid feeling so overwhelmed. It would be useful to do the course together as a couple, but it can also be done independently, or with anyone who provides a supporting role.

Midwives may want to draw attention to these courses to help women during pregnancy.
It is hoped the course will help both the mother and baby to stay happy and healthy through pregnancy, and parents will learn valuable communication skills that will help throughout their whole parenting journey.

Visit to find out more.



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