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Varicose vulva – an uncomfortable discussion

Considering the location of this problem, it is not surprising to find that this is rather a taboo subject for many expectant ladies. Having already learned to adapt to the changing body, and what life will be like with a new arrival, many mums-to-be then have to learn to deal with a varicose vulva, which can sometimes be very painful and uncomfortable.


Some pregnant ladies are often left bed ridden because of them, which is not very convenient for a busy modern Mum who may already have other siblings to look after. Many women and midwives are under the impression that this is just an unfortunate fate that they have to live with whilst being pregnant, but this is certainly not the case. The good news is that most varicosities can be greatly improved, and some avoided altogether.


We are urging all midwifes to make pregnant ladies aware of the importance of looking after their legs, as a Varicose Vulva can sometimes stem from Varicose Veins already present in the Legs due to pregnancy. It is extremely important to make sure that when recommending Compression Stockings to help with such symptoms, that the patient (or Midwife) must make sure they obtain the correct sort of hosiery, as purchasing the wrong thing may result in the patient’s symptoms worsening.


Proper Graduated Compression Hosiery is what’s needed and it’s crucial to getting the correct therapy to be of any benefit for the Varicose Veins and/or Vulva. The hosiery must be made with an mmHg level (a medical measurement of pressure), which it’s vital to know that not all ‘support tights’ are made with this and some may only have a very small amount of compression at the ankle, which may not be strong enough to be of any help to someone who is already suffering with Varicose Veins or a Varicose Vulva.


We need to fly the flag for the medical grade hosiery made with proper, controlled gradient compression that effectively aids the blood flow in the legs for people such as expectant mums or those who are already suffering with swollen ankles, varicose veins, varicose vulva, lymphoedema and venous stasis and insufficiency.


Reassuringly, graduated compression hosiery has come a long way over the years, and mums-to-be do not have to wear thick, unsightly ‘granny stockings’, there are fashionable choices nowadays and no one would know the difference between every day nylons and elegant, compression tights.


All expectant Mums should be given this information as soon as possible, as the knowledge about leg health care and the benefits of wearing compression hosiery is so often overlooked or not considered. Mums-to-be do not have to put up with embarrassing chats about Varicose Vulva’s and they certainly do not have to put up with any varicosities in the legs, just because they are pregnant.


This message comes to spread the word amongst midwives, expectant ladies need this information from you, so they can maintain control over their health and wellbeing.


Should you require any further information please contact Pebble UK on or call free on 0800 433 4757.