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The Case for Parental Voices in Perinatal Mortality Review

Watching the start of the “infected Blood Enquiry” into the 1970s contaminated blood products scandal which had such devastating effect on the haemophiliac community and others is hard. 3000 died. The Enquiry started with heart rending testimonials from those affected, and the relatives of the dead. 

The Grenfell Enquiry started with the same.  If this had been 30 years ago victim voices might not even have been heard at all.  Understanding what has happened should surely be scientific, evidence based, rational, deprived of emotion with lessons learned and recommendations made .

We know this is not enough and can do more damage to damaged  parents if they are excluded.  Also it does not reconcile what parents believe and what professionals find.  Parental involvement  is now policy for still birth and deaths up to 22 weeks.  Parents must be heard.  Not just for closures and psychological support for parents.  Midwives  can also be traumatised by such events.

Follow the presentation  of Joanne Dickens Phd to understand the role of the bereavement midwife in working through with everyone to understand what happened and improve the outcome for the parents. Engaging bereaved parents is a huge challenge but not one that can be ignored.

Written By Neil Stewart, Editorial Director of Maternity and Midwifery Forum and the International Maternity Expo 

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