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Celebrating the public health role of midwives: the smoking cessation midwife

The role of the midwife has certainly expanded since I started my training in 1981 and I continue to be amazed at the wonderful work my colleagues engage with. Sarah Leach, is one such midwife who ‘goes the extra mile’ when it comes to giving good care. Sarah decided to......

Maternal Immunisation

James Pubus
David Green, Nurse Consultant – Immunisations, Immunisation, Hepatitis and Blood Safety Department, National Infection Service, Public Health England gives a presentation discussing “Maternal Immunisation” at the International Maternity Expo 2019. Find out more about International Maternity Expo:

Breastfeeding as a public health issue – who really decides how we feed our babies?

Described as “Seriously one of the best talks I’ve EVER heard” Dr Amy Brown, Associate Professor, Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences, Swansea University gives a plenary presentation on “Breastfeeding as a public health issue – who really decides how we feed our babies?” at the Maternity, Midwifery and Baby Manchester......