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The Power of the Midwife: skills for recognising cancer

This month sees a global focus on cancer on World Cancer day. In this article Jude Jones, midwife advisor, and Pete Wallroth, Founder and CEO for Mummy’s Star, discuss the importance of the role of the midwife in recognising symptoms that could be pointing to cancer.   In Mummy’s star......
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Listening to fathers’ voices – #dadsMHday

This week we marked International Fathers’ Mental Health Day, an annual event aimed at highlighting the unique mental health strengths and needs that fathers have. According to a recent survey, an alarming 65% of dads admit that having children negatively impacted their mental health, citing the top 5 contributing factors......
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Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week 2021: When Cancer Can’t Be Cured

Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week 2021
This year Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week is focusing on when cancer can no longer be cured. We know this may be difficult for some people think about, but it is the reality for some of the Mums Mummy’s Star support. Mummy’s Star’s aim is to give everyone a better......