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Developing an identity as a midwife: an impossible task?

Becoming a midwife is time of evolving and developing! In this article Nicole Rajan-Brown, Third-year student midwife, University of Salford and Editor-in-Chief, The Student Midwife Journal shares some helpful tips of how to step through this minefield and develop a personal midwifery identity.   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________     Developing an identity......
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What’s in a word? The importance of language in midwifery care

Over many years there has been questioning of the use of language across maternity services, particularly in relation to birth. The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) undertook a widely consultative project to establish the best choice of language that would provide clarity.  Dr Mary Ross-Davie, Director of Midwifery at NHS......
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It’s Kick-Off on Maternity

Kick off on maternity
A weekend announcement of £2 million for an RCOG review into preventing brain injuries during birth looks like a smart pre-emptive announcement ahead of today’s publication of the long awaited Select Committee report into Safety in Maternity Services. A few weeks ago NHS England announced £96 million more on maternity......