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The Hepatitis-B Antenatal Screening and selective neonatal immunisation quality improvement project: improving the quality of care of women with hepatitis B in pregnancy and their babies

The hepatitis B antenatal screening and selective neonatal immunisation quality improvement project
Photo courtesy Mat Napo on Unsplash This programme is unique in the childhood immunisation programme because actually what we are doing here is vaccinating these babies against a disease to which they have already been exposed so the timeliness of these vaccines is absolutely vital. A review of the hepatitis......
Midwifery Feature Articles

Opportunity for innovation: COVID-19 and group antenatal care in Northern Ireland

Covid-19 has provided many opportunities for implementation of change at pace and has also facilitated reflection and review of usual processes with a much sharper focus on priorities. This is particularly relevant within the provision of maternity care and education of future midwives. A model of group antenatal care and......
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Update on the Redesigning Health Information for Parents (ReHIP) project

The Redesigning Health Information for Parents (ReHIP) project, led by NHS Health Scotland, is in an exciting product development and transition phase, since agreeing our Channel Mix Strategy –  a transition to a “Digital first but not only” strategy – in May 2017.  Thank you to the enthusiastic group of......