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Qualifying midwifery students are stepping up like never before

Special boxset offer for newly qualified midwives

While qualifying and newly qualified midwives are answering the call of duty, MATFLIX is making its boxset for those new to working on the maternity unit available for a fraction of the original price – just £4.99. Get 50% off today.50% off today for newly qualified midwives

The COVID-19 crisis has hit every part of our lives – midwifery especially. Babies continue to be born. In what is already a daunting time for expecting parents, the NHS is working to ensure continuity of care.

However, many NHS midwives are also trained nurses and available for redeployment in the system. Rather than bringing new life into the world they are saving life elsewhere in the hospital. This is causing shortages elsewhere. Academics are returning to their posts in maternity wards, so are those who have moved on from midwifery for other reasons. Their response to the call of duty is remarkable.

But another group is stepping up in truly remarkable ways: qualifying midwives. Those who were due to graduating this summer have jumped straight to the ‘coal face’. They are deploying their newly gained skills to help parents with that special moment. Anything they lack in experience they make up for in drive, determination and the latest thinking from the best lecturers in the country.

MATFLIX has – since its creation – provided a boxset for newly qualified midwives. We are offering a massive 50% discount on the cover price of this boxset to help newly qualified midwives at this time.

They don’t just get the videos, but the audio too. They can listen to this on their way to work, in the car or watch on public transport. It will all be there post the crisis to review – available on your MATFLIX account for ever – and critically to contribute to their revalidation process when it arises in the next three years.

Midwives can also sign up for a monthly subscription and get access to all the boxsets available. This starts at just £8.99/month.

Equally, NHS trusts can purchase licences for the boxsets for their newly qualified midwives. Get in touch today to discuss special rates in these challenging times.

Thanks for answering the call of duty from everyone at MATFLIX. We hope this special offer will make a small contribution to our new frontline professionals in these critical times.

UPDATE: Many of the issues about qualifying and newly qualified midwives heading to the frontline as being covered in this week’s Maternity & Midwifery Hour. Watch live at 7pm tonight (Wednesday 15 April 2020) on the Maternity & Midwifery Forum’s facebook page or listen back on YouTube or your podcast app of choice: Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Anchor.

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