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“Poor quality of care is now a bigger barrier to reducing mortality than insufficient access to care.”

2020 will be the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.  Fran McConville, Midwifery Advisor at the World Health Organisation, entreats midwives everywhere to use this as an opportunity to raise the profile of midwifery, trumpet its importance, and campaign for better maternity care and the investment needed to make that happen.

More women than ever have access to nursing and midwifery care during pregnancy, however – as Fran McConville points out – the quality of that care varies wildly. “Over 50% of neonatal deaths take place in facilities that don’t have good quality of care – so would they have been better [off] at home?” She identifies gender inequality and the oppression of women as a huge barrier to change and one of the biggest issues to be tackled in 2020.

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