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Participants wanted for survey on advising pregnant women about alcohol

We are a research team from the School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh and Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Hull looking for practicing UK midwives to fill in a survey about advising pregnant women about alcohol. This is part of a study, funded by the Institute for Alcohol Studies (IAS), around pregnancy drinking guidelines and midwives’ advice to pregnant women.

The survey will take you about 15-20 minutes to complete and focuses on your practices of discussing alcohol with pregnant women and your views around such practices as well as guidelines. The survey is an opportunity for midwives to make their voice heard and we are very appreciative for the time you take to respond to these questions. We anticipate that identifying potential barriers to discussing alcohol in antenatal care will help to further support midwives in their practice, but also help the women, partners and babies.

Take part in the survey here:

The study is anonymous and voluntary. Once you access the survey and have read the study information you will be asked to confirm if you consent to take part, however you can withdraw your participation at any time without having to give a reason for doing so. This study has ethical approval from the Section of Nursing Studies Ethics Research Panel, University of Edinburgh.

There is an opportunity to enter a prize draw to win one of three £100 John Lewis vouchers and for that we ask you for an email address (if you want to enter). This information will be kept separate from the survey results and deleted immediately after the prize draw. We are also asking for volunteers who would agree to taking the survey again, for reliability re-testing of the questions, about two weeks after the first survey. Also for this we ask for your email, but please note that you do not have to take the survey again to participate. All information we collect in this survey will be kept on a secure server and only the research team will have access to the information you provide.

More detailed information about the survey is available as you access the survey link. Any questions can be addressed to the Principal Investigator, Dr Lisa Schölin, at The survey is open until the 30th November and we encourage you to share it with colleagues, if you can.

Take part in the survey here:

Dr Lisa Schölin, School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh
Professor Lesley Smith, Dr Judith Dyson and Ms Julie Watson, Faculty of Health Sciences and Midwifery, University of Hull

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