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Panorama now offers screening for twin pregnancies

If you attended the recent London Maternity & Midwifery Festival you may have come across the Natera team on their stand in the exhibition area. If you didn’t you might not be aware that Panorama – a market-leading noninvasive prenatal screening test (NIPT) – now offers screening for twin pregnancies.





The Panorama prenatal screen is a DNA screening test available as early as nine weeks, that provides parents with genetic information about their baby. Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) uses a blood sample from the mother to analyze DNA from the placenta for certain chromosome conditions that could affect a baby’s health.

Panorama now offers screening for twin, egg donor, and surrogate pregnancies.

Conditions screened in twin, egg donor, and surrogate pregnancies include:

  • Trisomy 21
  • Trisomy 18
  • Trisomy 13
  • Sex chromosome trisomies (reported when seen)*
  • 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (optional)*
    * Available only for monozygotic twins only

Panorama determines:

  • Individual sex for both twins
  • Zygosity information – The ability to distinguish whether twins are identical or fraternal

Knowing this information can impact the care twins receive – read more.

How is Panorama different?

Panorama is the only NIPT that can tell the difference between the mother’s and the baby’s DNA.

In London, the Panorama test is available at selected clinics including:

Panorama is now available in the United Kingdom in partnership with NewGene Ltd, an ISO:15189 accredited laboratory company. NewGene provides a range of genetic analysis and diagnostic services to the NHS, commercial R&D partners, and healthcare providers across Europe.

For information where Panorama is available nationally, please contact NewGene on or call 0191 242 1923

For any questions regarding the Panorama Test please contact:

Johan Estellon (London)

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