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Nourisil MD – a new player in the treatment of C-section scars

Topical silicone gels have been the favoured treatment of medical experts in scar management for some time.

A new entrant to the UK market claims that its blend of five silicones gives it unique power to maintain the skin’s moisture balance, while improving scar appearance, saying that the formula will be particularly useful in the treatment of C-section scars, by helping to reduce associated pain, redness and discolouration.

Nourisil™ MD is an ultra-light, self-drying gel that has been designed to help flatten, soften and smooth scars, relieving itching and skin discomfort. The new product has been developed by the Fagron Group, which is based in The Netherlands, for the prevention of keloids and hypertrophic scars.

Initial reviews have proved positive and the gel was awarded the Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2017 in the Family Health category. The product was tested and reviewed by a number of Mums with scars and scored highly, resulting in the award.

Fagron UK general manager Peter Batty said: “Nourisil MD works by creating a silicone barrier that allows skin to release moisture at normal levels, as opposed to too much – a sign of it being damaged.

“Silicone has been used in scar therapy for decades but unlike other products like silicone sheeting, the gel can be applied to the affected area, left to dry for around 60 seconds, and then clothing can be applied as normal.”

After C sections wounds have fully healed and stitches have been removed, women are advised to gently massage in the scar treatment gel twice a day.

Peter said: “The gel’s preservative-free ingredients, which also include vitamin E, are the gold standard in scar treatment.

The gel includes polysiloxanes and tocopheryl acetate and works on all skin types by forming an invisible layer that hydrates and protects scars on all areas of the body, including the face.

Sun blocks and cosmetics can then be added afterwards.

Treatment usually lasts between 60 and 90 days, but longer maybe needed for larger or older scars.

Nourisil™ MD comes in a 30g dispenser and costs £28.00 with free shipping.

Mother’s wishing to try this product can get a 10% discount off the price by applying discount code LAUNCH2017 when purchasing.

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