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Non-invasive Prenatal Testing: The State of the Art in 2020

As an expectant parent in the developed world, there are certain tests you expect to be offered nowadays.

You expect to be able to find out whether your child is male or female, for example, and – as far as possible – determine the risks of certain genetic and chromosomal conditions.

Given the choice between invasive and non-invasive prenatal testing, mothers will opt for the latter when it is available (and reliable). Advanced maternal age is a risk factor for various complications in pregnancy and birth – therefore as average maternal age increases so too does the demand for non-invasive prenatal screening. The sector is forecast to see significant growth over the next few years.

Eurofins Biomnis has been developing non-invasive prenatal tests for pregnant mothers for years. They make diagnoses by examining the cell-free foetal DNA in mothers’ blood. Dr Marc Nouchy explains.

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