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Midwifery students' experiences of being bullied on placement
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Midwifery students’ experiences of being bullied on placement

Bullying and mistreatment of students, and other members of the maternity team, has been an ongoing challenge across health services, both nationally and abroad.

Tanya Capper, a midwifery educationalist from Australia, presents a study on the experiences of student midwives on clinical placement in the UK. The process of the study is described; she presents the themes generated which address, poor relationships, physical and emotional effects, the culture in the workplace, how this impacted on learning and confidence, and how students try to deal with this.

The challenge for us all is how these circumstances are improved and that students, and colleagues, are supported and treated with respect and dignity.

Watch the presentation on Midwifery students’ experiences of being bullied on placement here:

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