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Medichill Mums to donate 50,000 perineal cool pads to UK Maternity Wards

Medichill UK have committed to donate 50,000 of their perineal cool pads to NHS hospitals and maternity wards across the UK, valued at £18,000.

In the lead up to International Women’s Day 2019, the Gosport based company are seeking interest from NHS Midwives and Maternity Nurses to nominate the hospital they work in and become one of 25 hospitals/maternity wards to receive a donation of 2000 perineal cool pads. NHS Midwives and Maternity Nurses can nominate their hospital by visiting

Recently Medichill launched their global social value initiative, Medichill Mums, as a proactive way to give something back to the communities they work within. They are committed to ‘Applying Smiles’ by helping women from all walks of life have the most comfortable birthing experience possible.

Medichill’s Group Managing Director, Gary Maynard, said “I believe that the NHS, it’s Midwives and maternity staff, do an amazing job for the mothers and babies on their wards and this is an opportunity for Medichill to offer a helping hand and say thank you keep up the great work you’re doing!”

Medichill’s perineal cool pads have been used for over 25 years in maternity wards worldwide to ease the pain and discomfort post childbirth. The Royal Berkshire Hospital was one of the first UK hospitals to adopt the product and along with many other NHS hospitals is still a valued customer to this day.

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