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Limbs & Things launch new C-Section Module for teaching the safe delivery of a deeply impacted fetal head

Earlier this year, a multi-professional team of experts from around the world attended a 2-day symposium in the historic city of Bath, UK. Aimed at midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists, the symposium focused on safety and quality improvements in maternity care.

As one of the lead sponsors, Limbs & Things provided workshops for delegates to get hands on with their PROMPT Flex Birthing Range to demonstrate how, when used in conjunction with the PROMPT 3 obstetric training course, trainees can advance their technical skills for better outcomes for mothers and babies.

A big focus was on the new Caesarean Section Module, which is ideal for practising the necessary skills required when performing a caesarean section, especially in gaining exposure to delivering a difficult baby such as a deeply impacted head, as demonstrated by Katie Cornthwaite, Obstetrician at Southmead Hospital (Bristol, UK).

The module can be used to practise any of the following methods of delivering a deeply impacted fetal head:

  • Routine manoeuvres
  • Assist from a vaginal hand (push technique)
  • Reverse breech extraction (pull technique)
  • Use of a fetal pillow

To find out more information, request a demonstration or to place an order please get in touch.

Phone: +44 (0)117 311 0500