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“It’s not really about safety, it’s about fear.” – Normal Birth… what’s going on?

Across the world, rates of caesarean section and other interventions in labour and birth are on the rise. Worryingly, however, birth outcomes for mothers and babies are not improving in a clearly correlative way. In fact, maternal mortality in the USA has risen in recent years despite the country having one of the highest rates of intervention in the world.

Soo Downe OBE, Professor of Midwifery Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, has long argued that the decline of normal physiological birth, particularly in developed countries, is something to be concerned about. At the Northern Maternity and Midwifery Festival, she laid out the numbers that ought to give midwives and obstetricians pause and challenged some widely-held assumptions about interventions in maternity care.

She shared the stage with Sheena Byrom OBE, Editor of All4Maternity, who spoke about the need for midwives to take the time to create the optimal birth environment for labouring women and the importance of respecting the natural physiology of birth.

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