Valuable CPD resources for midwives and other allied healthcare professionals

Midwives must have undertaken 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) relevant to their scope of practice as a midwife in the 3 year period since their registration was last renewed, or since they joined the register.

Of those 35 hours of CPD, at least 20 must have included participatory learning. To meet the participatory learning requirement, you simply have to undertake activity that involves interaction with one or more other professionals –  this can be in a physical environment or a virtual one – you don’t have to be in the same room as the people you undertake the activity with.

Our Maternity & Midwifery Festivals offer both options! You can attend in person or watch the live stream of the festival and gain around 8 hours participatory learning with a certificate of attendance. You also get a video box set of all of the presentations made at the event so you can catch up on any speakers you missed.

You must maintain accurate records of the CPD you have undertaken. These records must contain:

the CPD method
a description of the topic and how it related to your practice
the dates on which the activity was undertaken
the number of hours (including the number of participatory hours)
the identification of the part of the Code most relevant to the activity
evidence that you undertook the CPD activity

As such we recommend all of our attendees make notes at the event and write them up as soon as possible after the festival while fresh in your mind. But if your memory does need jogging you can always remind yourself of what speakers said by using our video box set from the day.

For details on how to use our events and the learning materials contained in our video box sets for revalidation purposes please refer to the NMC website here: