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About the Scottish Cot Death Trust

The Scottish Cot Death Trust is the only charity in Scotland dedicated to the issue of sudden unexpected death in babies and young children. A baby dies suddenly and unexpectedly every nine days in Scotland and the majority of families will never know why their healthy baby has died.

As well as funding research and development, The Scottish Cot Death Trust provides a wide range of support services for anyone affected by a sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI). This is predominately for families but extends any professional affected by SUDI. We also provide education sessions to various audiences about Safe Sleep and how to reduce the risks of SUDI.

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Sarah Neary
Education Manager
Scottish Cot Death Trust

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Scottish Cot Death Trust Zoom Meeting

Date: November 25th 2020
Time: 14:15pm to 15:30pm
Meeting ID: 986 3540 8919
Passcode: 065749

Ask the Expert with Sarah Neary, Education Manager from The Scottish Cot Death Trust.

Join us to find out more about Safe Sleep and our “Back to Basics, Back to Baby” campaign. We’re here to support bereaved families, and help healthcare professionals feel comfortable and confident when speaking about the importance of Safe Sleep and reducing the risk of SUDI.

0141 357 3946
5th Floor, 5B (Main Building), West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital, Dalnair Street, Glasgow, G3 8SJ


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