“Fantastic – a real variety of topics, research presentations and exhibitors which have sparked my interest”

Student Midwife

Kings College London

“Study day at home today @midwiferyforum Brilliant livestream presentations by Professor Mary Renfrew, Dr Helen Shallow and Professor Dame Elizabeth N Anionwu. Great optimal cord clamping seminar by Amanda Burleigh talking about #waitforwhite and I’m currently listening to the Confident Birth ‘SAFE’ Emotional Birth model: how to lessen fear and stress during birth by Susanna Heli <3 all from the comfort of my sofa!! Yes!”

Cheryl Samuels

NHS Midwife and Antenatal Teacher
@the_holistic_midwife via Instagram


“The video of our presentation at the Maternity & Midwifery Festival has been very useful in reaching health professionals who were not able to attend the conference in person. Sharing the video of our presentation in London 2017 has helped us to reach so many student and qualified midwives who might otherwise not be aware of the important changes in UK recommendations for preventing group B Strep Infection in new born babies. So far, it has been viewed over 1,700 times, which far outstrips our expectations.”

Jane Plumb

Chief Executive, Group B Strep Support

“What a great success the event was, there was a real buzz. I think the Festivals are getting better and better. We had a successful day, got to speak to many midwives…”

Sheena Byrom


“Great info & networks – online sessions superb to follow up & review”

Dianne Garland

Midwife, Consultant and Author

“Excellent! Such a fantastic turnout – so many midwives”

Claire Matthews

Deputy Head of Maternity NHS England

“I really love the Maternity and Midwifery Festivals – they are free so a huge number of midwives attend them. They get to hear excellent speakers at the top of their game. The Exhibitions are very interesting and you learn a lot by just going round them.

There are newly qualified midwives, experienced midwives, people thinking about becoming midwives – everybody!

I have really benefitted by speaking at the Festivals about my passion – continuity of midwifery carer.  Because I have been heard there by NHS England I have been asked to tender  to help Units set up continuity of carer schemes which for me, who wrote my first article about this subject in 1978 (40 years ago) is about time. It is starting me off on an exciting route to a new career.”

Caroline Flint RN RM ADM

Past President of the Royal College of Midwives

“Each event I attend somehow gets even better than the last – superb speakers, superb audience, an excellent learning opportunity not to be missed.”

Professor Amy Brown

Associate Professor, Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences, University of Swansea; Author  Breastfeeding Uncovered

“The festival was a very unique platform to deliver what I believe is a very important message. Not only was I able to get other midwives thinking about resilience but I was also asked to speak at another conference and midwifery students at RGU. For me, this festival has opened doors to many other platforms.”

Jaimie Middleton

NHS Midwife and Martial Arts Instructor, JAX Mixed Martial Arts