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Introducing Award-Winning Active Iron Pregnancy

Active Iron is a next generation iron supplement that is specially formulated to reduce the negative gastro-intestinal side effects associated with traditional oral iron preparations, including nausea, constipation, and diarrhoea.

New to the market in 2019 Active Iron Pregnancy takes the patented Active Iron technology into a new formulation specifically designed for use in Pregnancy.

Active Iron Pregnancy is clinically proven to have x2 better absorption than standard Ferrous Sulphate. This non-constipating formula is designed to support iron levels throughout pregnancy.

With 17mg of iron in a unique protein formulation Active Iron Pregnancy is gentle enough to take on an empty stomach. It is free from artificial preservatives, yeast and gluten. To learn more check out

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Find the answer to our competition question here:

What is the body’s natural site of iron absorption?

  1. DMT-1
  2. the stomach
  3. the throat