MMF Awards recognise innovative practice, insight, leadership and commitment

Nomination Deadline: Wednesday 28th October 2020

Throughout 2020, our established Maternity and Midwifery Festival Awards will recognise outstanding achievement and commitment by midwifery and maternity staff across the UK and Ireland.

London, Dublin, Leicester, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Do you know a midwife or a team who deserves recognition for innovative practice, insight, leadership or commitment above and beyond the call of duty?

We can all think of colleagues whose exceptional work has made a difference. Now is your chance to nominate them for an Award so their achievement is widely recognised and shared.

We are seeking nominations of individual midwives or teams, trusts, units , clinical commissioning groups, schools of nursing or organisations working in Scotland in the following 5 key awards categories:



Recognising an individual for achievement in midwifery or maternity practice.

This award is open to qualified midwives working in Scotland.

A person nominated for their achievement in maternity or midwifery services in any clinical, practice, leadership or educational role:

Who has made a difference and inspired others

For a lifetime of service and impact

Taken on extraordinary challenges


Recognising a midwifery leader, team or unit for achievement in midwifery or maternity practice.

This award is open to midwifery managers, leaders, teams or units working in Scotland.

For a Maternity or Midwifery team, unit  or leader (encompassing midwives, midwifery educators, the medical team, maternity care support workers/nursery nurses, allied health professionals and others) who has:

Demonstrated excellent inter-professional working

Transformed services

Demonstrated Innovation in use of staff, working with women or applying new processes and technologies, in the maternity unit, community or home


Recognising an innovation, service or clinical research in a midwifery or maternity setting.

This award is open to individuals, companies, teams, units, trusts and clinical commissioning groups working in Scotland.

For example:

Service and staff restructuring for better birth outcomes

Application of research in changing processes for better outcomes

Use of new technology and integration into maternity processes

Adapting to new science and testing regimes


Recognising an individual student midwife or newly qualified midwife for their contribution or achievement in midwifery or maternity practice while in training.

This award is open to student midwives or newly qualified midwives trained or training in Scotland even if recognition of achievement falls post-qualification.

You can nominate colleagues or enter yourself.

For student midwives or newly qualified midwives who have:

Demonstrated outstanding achievement in training

Undertaken their training in exceptional circumstances

Made a contribution to the profession or student experience of training

Made a contribution to maternity and midwifery while in training

Acted as a role model or advocate


Recognising achievement in midwifery or maternity management in trusts, community, education or public health.

This award is open to managers working in Scotland.

For a management leader who has:

Inspired transformation

Dealt with difficult change or service transformation

Led the introduction of new processes or patterns of work for a better outcomes

Played a regional, professional or national role above and beyond their day job


We are looking to recognise and celebrate innovation, personal commitment, leadership and team work. We include education and research by maternity and midwifery staff.

You can nominate your team, a colleague or an individual, management, or a piece of work or project which has inspired you or made a demonstrable difference to maternity and midwifery services.

You can enter yourself if you meet the criteria in the category or nominate those you think deserve recognition for any of the categories to which they qualify.

Its simple and its FREE.

Who can enter?

The awards are open to all maternity and midwifery staff, including midwives, student midwives, MSWs, workplace representatives, educators and researchers.

You may enter or nominate for more than one category.

Writing your entry or nomination

  1. Start early and give time to your entry

Draft as a Word doc, prepare, get someone to look at it and take on comments. Make it a learning exercise.

  1. Be confident and professional in the presentation

A short background, clear objectives, what was achieved, outcome and impacts.

  1. Demonstrate added value

Outcomes should be demonstrated and qualified not just anticipated.

  1. We love data and testimonials

Numbers matter but so do the feelings and experiences of others in maternity

  1. Focus on your category

Be sure you address your points to the category points and not just in general

  1. Celebrate and take pride

You are nominating someone or a team you think has done something special and an award will get them recognition and make all who work with them proud.

What are the judges looking for?

If you have a commitment to better births for all, improved maternity services, evidence based change and transformation, these are the awards that will gain you recognition across the whole NHS and internationally.

Making a difference

The judges will be looking for the impact a nomination has made in a trust or education environment.   Either in changing service delivery, improving understanding or inspiring others.

Submitting your nomination

Provide us with 300-500 words describing why you believe the individual or team deserves to be recognised for an Award – what they did, how they did it, how they engaged colleagues, what the outcome has been, how patient care has been improved.

To provide this information, use the online submission on this page.

If you are nominating an individual, don’t forget to give us their name, job title, workplace and email address although you will be our main contact with regard to the Award.

Your written submission

Your initial written submission should not exceed 500 words and any supporting material should be kept to a limited amount. Further submission will be possible at the shortlisting stage.

Your supporting materials

Supporting materials and references are not included in the entry word count.

Entry deadline

Nominations need to reach us by TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE DATE OF THE EVENT.

Shortlisted nominees will be notified by ONE MONTH BEFORE THE DATE OF THE EVENT.

Shortlisted nominees will be invited to attend the Scotland festival where the winners of each Award will be announced as part of the festival programme.

Entry fees

The awards are FREE to enter.


The judging panel is drawn from the Maternity & Midwifery Forum advisory panel, The Practising Midwife, All4 Maternity and other respected maternity and midwifery and health professionals.

Terms and conditions of entry

Entries where the word count exceeds more than 500 words will be disqualified.

Entrants may enter into more than one category where appropriate.

The judges reserve the right to re-categorise entries if they think another category would be more suitable. However, they cannot be expected to routinely re-categorise incorrectly entered submissions.

Please note that in entering you agree that the information in your written submission may be used at the Awards ceremony and included  and referred to in any supporting materials for the Awards, in supporting magazines, such as The Practising Midwife and MMF, and sponsors’ websites.