Designed to meet the demands of the maternity setting, Ultraflow™ is the world’s number one inhaled analgesia system.

Unlike other systems that rely on fitting standard, generic patient filters to reduce cross-infection, Ultraflow™ has a unique, patented exhalation valve that virtually eliminates this risk by diverting contaminated breath away from the handset, enhancing the mother’s safety.

Its exceptionally low resistance also means more pain relief is delivered with less respiratory effort, enabling the mother to conserve more energy for the birth.

Meanwhile, a soft to touch, easy-to-use design is aimed at heightening the mother’s comfort.

Together these benefits can increase the chance of better outcomes and a normal birth.

Like all BPR Medical products, Ultraflow™ comes with a long warranty, minimal maintenance requirements and comprehensive support.

More details about why Ultraflow™ is the inhaled analgesia system the mother would choose – including how it can boost her oxytocin during birth – please see our brochure or contact us on 01623 628281 or



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Ultraflow’s unique exhalation valve virtually eliminates the risk of cross-infection.

All other inhaled analgesia systems rely on fitting standard, generic patient filters in an attempt to reduce cross-infection, but they are typically only 80% efficient at 180 litres per minute.

During childbirth a woman in labour can inhale and exhale at a rate of how many litres per minute?

  1. 100 litres per minute
  2. 150 litres per minute
  3. 300 litres per minute