Katherine Robinson

Alongside MLU Ward Manager

South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust

Katherine Robinson started nursing in 1986 and qualified as a midwife in 1994 with water birth experience during training which started a passion for midwifery led care and water births.

Katherine completed her BSc in Professional Studies in Midwifery in 2002 and her PGCE teaching qualification in 2006. Katherine spent 2 years at Queen’s University Belfast as a practice educator.

Katherine has worked in the ‘Home form Home’ alongside midwifery led unit in the Ulster Hospital, Belfast since it opened in 2007, becoming the manager of the midwifery led unit in 2011.The Home from Home unit has seven rooms each with a birthing pool and 974 women birthed in the unit in 2019. Auditing outcomes of all women in their care, the midwifery team work constantly to provide and expand the unique service it offers parents. The unit welcomes midwives and students from Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe to the unit to gain experience in midwifery led care and water births. Katherine has experience of maintaining and providing midwifery led care in a hospital setting and is well aware of the challenges and practicalities of developing this service for women in a predominantly medical culture.