Dr Marc Nouchy

MD Cytogeneticist

Eurofins Biomnis

Dr. Nouchy is specialized in human cytogenetics (prenatal and post-natal) since 1998 and has experience from working both in private and in academic French laboratories.

Working at Eurofins Biomnis since 2015, he has been involved in the medical validation of different genetic tests: cytogenetics, NIPT tests, maternal serum screening of Down syndrome, CFTR and FMR1 genes analysis. Dr Nouchy also practices in genetic counselling and often leads seminars on the topic of genetic investigations for physicians, midwives and biologists in France.

Main topics: Prenatal Screening and Prenatal Diagnosis, Infertility investigations.

Eurofins Biomnis is the European leader in specialized medical pathology, especially in fetal biochemistry and prenatal diagnosis. Its primary focus is analysis requiring high expertise procedures. Eurofins Biomnis geneticists are available to provide prescribers with the best information regarding those tests.