Dr Krysia Lynch

Doula & Doula Trainer, DublinDoula

Chair, AIMS Ireland

Krysia is a certified doula, practicing in Dublin for the last 17 years. She is also a Doula Trainer, a maternity care advocate, a prenatal yoga teacher, antenatal instructor, placenta encapsulator maternity policy consultant and researcher.

She is a breastfeeding counsellor and licenced registered Homeooath with a practice in Dublin specialising in women’s health, maternal health, babies and young children.

In 2015 – 2016 she was invited by The Minister of Health to represent service users on the National Maternity Strategy Steering Committee for Ireland. In 2016 she was invited onto the HIQA Advisory panel for The National Maternity Standards for Better Safer Maternity Care in Ireland. In 2017 she was the consumer representative on The Specialist Perinatal Health Strategy. This year she has been a service user representative on the Steering Board for HIQA s National Maternity Experience Survey.

She also represents the voice of service users on a variety of HSE and Department of Health Maternity Committees, notably chairing the Service Users Advisory Board at The National Women’s and Infant Health Program.

Krysia is a parenting expert on TheJournal.ie’s  parenting column and also writes for several blogs including homebirthireland.com nocountryforpregnantwomen.com krysia.ie aimsireland.ie and dublindoula.com