Clare Kennedy

Registered Advanced Midwife Practitioner (RAMP)

St Luke’s Hospital Kilkenny

Clare’s interest to pursue a career in healthcare began at a young age. In 2003, she commenced her BSc Nursing in St Vincent’s University Hospital/University College Dublin. After qualifying, she worked for a period of time in St. Vincent’s University Hospital before undertaking her Higher Diploma in Midwifery with the National Maternity Hospital/ University College Dublin in 2009.

On qualification she worked in varying areas of midwifery and developed a keen interest in Midwifery led services and physiological birth. This led CIare to complete an MSc in Midwifery at Trinity College Dublin after being awarded a scholarship from National Maternity Hospital in 2015.

She commenced work in St Luke’s General Hospital, Kilkenny in late 2015 where she worked firstly as a midwife and then a Shift Leader. In November 2016, she began her candidacy as an Advanced Midwife Practitioner.

Between 2015-2019 she trained in University College Dublin both clinically and academically in Health Assessment, Midwife Prescribing, Obstetric Ultrasound and Examination of the Newborn.
Clare was registered as an Advanced Midwife Practitioner with NMBI In February 2018. Her role now involves providing women centered holistic care to women, their families and their babies;
Clare is the clinical lead for all aspects of physiological childbirth in SLGH which advocates and empowers women and midwives in their decision-making process; Clinically leading, managing, improving and enhancing already established midwifery-led services and overall, Providing women with an expert midwifery service which offers alternative choices in the type of care and birthing options that are available.

In her role as RAMP, Clare has headed the development and implementation of an integrated hospital/community midwifery-led service funded by the Maternity Strategy (2016) which commenced October 2018 in SLGH Maternity service. The team, consisting of 6 midwives provide normal risk women with suitable care pathways for their needs.

Since the service’s implementation, a 3.4% reduction in the caesarean section rate in SLGH has been noted.

Clare was awarded the honour of ‘Midwife of the Year 2019 by her team The Integrated Community Midwifery Service at SLGH. They describe her as innovative, caring and diligent in her role. Clare goes above and beyond in her role on a daily basis working not only as a caring reassurance to the women using the SLGH maternity services but also as a support to the team around her and an advocate for the future of research-based clinical practice in the Maternity sector Nationally.

Her dedication to her profession is demonstrated in everything she undertakes. For Clare, being a midwife is not just a job, but a passion and this holds true in her character as well as her professional contributions.