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Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week 2021: When Cancer Can’t Be Cured

This year Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week is focusing on when cancer can no longer be cured.

We know this may be difficult for some people think about, but it is the reality for some of the Mums Mummy’s Star support.

Mummy’s Star’s aim is to give everyone a better understanding of what it means to be living with cancer that can’t be cured.

Awareness week runs from Monday 21st to Sunday 27th June and each day we will focus on a specific issue that is important to our Mums, and include:

  • Understanding the different language and terminology used
  • Impact of cancer on pregnancy and fertility
  • Grieving whilst living
  • Living well, and still being me

Mummy’s Star will also be hosting virtual events for the Mums they support including a Look Good, Feel Better virtual skincare, and makeup, workshop and a drop in session hosted by social media star, Limitless Em.

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Mummy’s Star: Supporting mums and families for 8 years!

If you have attended one of our Maternity & Midwifery Festivals over the year’s there is a good chance you will have come across Pete Wallroth, Chief Executive of Mummy’s Star either on their exhibition stand or as a speaker raising awareness. If not you can catch up now:

On Friday 18th June, Mummy’s Star will celebrate 8 years of supporting women and their families through pregnancy, birth, loss and beyond.

This is an important milestone for the charity, especially after all the additional difficulties and uncertainty for the families they support brought about by COVID, and the ongoing lockdowns.

As such Mummy’s Star would like to invite all their families, supporters, and the public to get involved to mark this special day and help raise funds for their much needed Online Forum for Mums. There are lots of things you could do to get involved, such as:

  • Making a donation directly to our birthday fundraiser.
  • Wearing a star and donating £2. Why not take a picture or make a short video to share on social media, and encourage your friends and family to do the same!
  • Hosting a coffee morning or doorstep cake sale.
  • Setting a family challenge. You could walk, scoot or bounce on a trampoline.
  • Setting up an online fundraiser and sharing it across social media.
  • Adding a donate button to your Facebook page and sharing it with your friends.

All the funds raised through the birthday celebrations will help Mummy’s Star monitor and manage their much needed Online Forum for Mums. The Forum is used by over 470 mums, whether they are actively asking questions and engaging, or just reading and absorbing it all in the background.

It offers women a safe place where they can ask about anything, share their thoughts and get support day or night. Mums often say it is a lifeline and an invaluable part of their support.

The online Forum costs around £5,000 a year to run and all donations raised through their Birthday celebration activities will go directly towards this essential service.

Rachel, one of Mummy’s Star’s mums, said:

“It provided information and it was also reassuring to know that there was a whole community out there that I could reach out to!”


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