Maternity, Midwifery & Baby training packages

Video presentations, downloadable documents, podcasts and reading lists from  leading experts

Our team of policy researchers have put together a series of high-level content rich training packages featuring video presentations, downloadable documents and podcasts and a reading list from a series of leading experts.

This set of materials gives senior managers unrivalled access to best practice, up-to-date policy interpretation and discussion.

Why use a Maternity, Midwifery & Baby training package?

For chief executives, directors, heads of department and other senior managers  keeping abreast of policy developments and good practice is crucial. Learning the lessons from others in the sector can save huge amounts of resources.

Each pack contains a simple guide to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment that gives:

  • tips on how to plan the briefing programme  for staff
  • advice on timings and discussion points
  • what facilities are required
  • how to register for CPD accreditation

Training Package 1

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Training Package 2

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Training Package 3

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Training Package 4

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Training Package 5

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