Purple Orchid supports a life course approach to self-care. The best start in life is breastfeeding, and mums say Multi-Mam Nipple Compresses and Balm helped them to carry on breastfeeding.

Triple-action Compresses are unique, natural and effective. The soft, gel-infused pads immediately soothe soreness, create a moist wound environment to speed up healing, and help prevent infection thanks to the non-chemical antibacterial 2QR-complex gel, extracted from aloe vera.

Multi-Mam Nipple Balm is an easy-to-apply herbal compound which helps prevent cracks.

Multi-Gyn Perineum Compresses have the same triple action – 85% of women sustain perineal trauma during childbirth.

Hyalofemme vaginal moisturiser helps heal microlesions after childbirth, and treats vaginal dryness during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Loyon Baby is a safe, mild and effective treatment for cradle cap.

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