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While babies may not speak their first word for a year, they are born ready to communicate with a rich vocabulary of body movements, cries and visual responses: all part of the complex language of baby behaviour. In short a newborn’s behaviour is their language. But how can we make sense of a language that we ourselves may not have spoken since our earliest moments?

The Brazelton Centre UK is a charity whose primary goals are to promote an understanding of baby behaviour and to foster strong parent-infant relationships. Our main activity is to provide specialised training courses on two recognised tools for newborn behaviour that are used worldwide by health practitioners and researchers.

The Newborn Behavioural Observations is a relationship building tool, designed to help the parent and practitioner observe the baby’s unique behaviours.

The Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale is the most comprehensive neurobehavioral assessment available for newborns and it is used in research and clinical settings.

Practitioners who have undertaken NBO or NBAS training have higher confidence and better skills working with babies and families.

Parents who have been shown their baby’s behaviour through an NBO/NBAS have increased confidence, greater trust in their practitioner and report enhanced parent-infant engagement.

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