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Plenary Presentations

David Monteith
Founder, Grace in Action - "Stillbirth: death by another name"
Maggie O'Brien
Midwife and Lecturer, University of East London - "Respectful relationships in maternity services"
Milli Hill
Founder, Positive Birth Movement - "Women's voices"


Seminar 1 - Rachel Hayden
Consultant and Trainer in Memory Making and Photography, Gifts of Remembrance - "Letter to a midwife - How you helped me say hello and goodbye to my stillborn son"
Seminar 3 - Sarah Flower
Independent Midwife, Independent Midwives of Yorkshire - "Innovation and collaboration between independent and NHS midwives in Yorkshire - One year on we look at the impact"
Seminar 4 - Dianne Garland
Midwifery Consultant - "Presenting and marketing"
Seminar 5 - Rehana Jawadwala
Founder, MummyYoga - "Why does perinatal exercise matter?"
Seminar 7 - Maggie O'Brien
Midwife and Lecturer, University of East London - "Developing a compassionate workplace"
Seminar 8 - Wendy Marsh
Consultant Midwife University Hospital Southampton - "Removing babies at birth: a midwife’s tale"
Seminar 9 - Pete Wallroth
Founder and CEO, Mummy's Star - "Supporting women, families and professionals through cancer and beyond"
Seminar 10 - Vikki Coleman & Pip Stalberg
Vikki Coleman, Bank Midwife, Nursing Associate Project Manager
Pip Stalberg, Professional Midwifery Advocate, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
"Eyes and Shoes; capturing the student midwife experience"
Seminar 11 - Dr Alison Cooke
Lecturer in Midwifery - "Baby skin care – sharing evidence with new parents to ensure best practice"
Seminar 12 - Jane Plumb MBE
Chief Executive, Group B Strep Support - "Midwifery practice and the revised RCOG guidelines on Group B Streptococcus, plus insight from affected families"
Seminar 13 - Dr Ethel Burns & Dr Lesley Smith
Dr Ethel Burns - Senior Lecturer Midwifery, Community and Public Health, Oxford Brookes University
Dr Lesley Smith - Professor in Women’s Public Health, Institute of Clinical Health Sciences, University of Hull
"Tackling the challenge of estimating blood loss in waterbirth"
Seminar 14 - Aliya Porter
Registered Nuritionist - "Improving dietary intake through knowledge and behaviour change"
Seminar 15 - Jane Rooney
Programme Lead, Midwifery, Liverpool John Moores University - "Improving dietary intake through knowledge and behaviour change"


Workshop 1 - Lucy Halton
Workshop 2 - Karen Barker
Workshop 3 - Anna Byrom

Ten Minute Tantalisers

Jean Mason Mitchell