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Tuesday 26th September 2017

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Jude Jones


Jude Jones

Core Midwife

Warrington Birth Centre

Jude Jones has been a qualified Midwife for three years. This month she has commenced a new job as core midwife on Warrington Birth Centre, previously working on Bolton Birth Suite.

Jude highly values time mentoring student midwives. She believes that providing compassionate mentorship and strong leadership benefits not only the training of student midwives and the care of women, but also on going continuing professional development and professional reflection for midwife mentors.

Jude was a moderating midwife in the recently published Facemums research (McCarthy et al, 2017), which provided a group of self selecting pregnant women with a secret Facebook group and access to two qualified moderating midwives through their pregnancy and postnatal period. This pivotal research demonstrates the opportunities presented by social media and digital platforms in modern maternity care. Jude is a passionate social media user known as @beetrooter on Twitter.


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