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Tuesday 26th September 2017

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Emma Mathews


Emma Mathews

Perinatal Mental Health Midwife, Psychosexual Therapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Birth Trauma Association

Emma currently works as a specialist midwife in perinatal mental health and as a psychosexual therapist for the NHS; she also has a private practice providing psychosexual, relationship and cognitive behavioural therapy, with a special interest in the treatment of birth trauma. She has completed an MSc in psychological trauma; her dissertation was in the area of childbirth trauma.
Emma’s training as a CBT therapist enables her to provide evidence based recommended treatment for PTSD. Her midwifery experience has been invaluable whilst working in the area of PTSD following childbirth, as she has knowledge and understanding of problems that happen during this process, insight into why some women’s labours require medical interventions, and many of the other factors that contribute to the subsequent development of PTSD following childbirth.
Emma has received two Iolanthe Midwifery Trust Awards in relation to her work surrounding birth trauma and has recently joined the Birth Trauma Association’s board of advisors. She is proactive in raising awareness of birth trauma, working to prevent it, and helping to find ways of supporting families who have been affected by traumatic birth experiences.


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