Cathy Falvey-Browne


Cathy Falvey-Browne

Consultant Midwife

Barts Health NHS Trust

Cathy qualified as a midwife in the mid 1980’s and has worked in a variety of roles since, including community midwife, labour ward coordinator and as a matron for birth in high and low risk settings. Although her experience has been predominantly focused on Intrapartum care within the obstetric unit, she has always been passionate about optimising every woman’s opportunity to have a positive birth experience including women with complex medical and obstetric histories.

She was fortunate to train in a unit where vaginal breech birth was the norm as was natural birth, and where being with women and their families during birth was an absolute privilege. She is an avid promoter of continuity of care for women throughout pregnancy, child birth and beyond having received this holistic model of care from the same wonderful midwife when she had her own 3 children.

Cathy became a Consultant Midwife in 2011 as she was keen to pursue a more clinical leadership role, her remit was to provide professional guidance and promote normal birth in a unit with high acuity, a diverse, complex, deprived population (3rd most deprived in the UK) with a high CS rate of 33%. This has been a challenging remit and their current CS rate of 27% still leaves room for improvement! The TST strategy has enabled her to work in partnership with women, stakeholders and colleagues and their own vision for promoting birth out of the obstetric unit for women with straightforward pregnancies aligns with the key recommendations of the National Maternity Review.



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