Caterina Raniolo


Caterina Raniolo

Maternity Project Manager

Barts Health NHS Trust

Caterina Raniolo is a qualified Midwife and Project Manager for Quality Improvement Projects in Maternity at Newham University Hospital- Barts Health NHS Trust in London.

She had numerous training in Quality Improvement methodology and is currently completing a Masters degree in Healthcare Leadership.

Caterina is really passionate enhancing women’s experience, reducing delays and inefficiency and improving staff confidence and morale.

She runs study days and workshops for all the multidisciplinary team and stakeholders; the results are co-designed with staff and women, audited and reviewed periodically to ensure effectiveness.

Caterina led on a BMJ-Award runner-up project on Improving Induction of Labour at Barts Health, which significantly reduced Caesarean section rates and length of stay.



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