Frank Letch


Frank Letch

REACH Ambassador

Frank is a congenital amputee born with just a short left arm. He is a foot user and does not wear a prosthesis. After a successful career in teaching Frank retired to bring up his five children following the early death of is wife. He became a trustee of Reach in 1996, serving on the board for 18 years. When he was chairman of Reach he founded the Reach Activity Week in the year 2000.He has always worked hard for Reach both fundraising and raising awareness. Since retiring from the board he has become an ambassador, carrying on with fundraising and helping people with DLA applications and appeals. For his work with Reach and other charities as well as the work he does in his community, he has been the Mayor of Crediton for eight years, he was awarded the MBE in 2015.



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